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In summer- heat waves to cool-demands little electricity

© 2011 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Adopt the technology that strives to use the least energy to give a unit of goods and services or else suffer unacceptable slavery- Chamalapura coal-fired station and the like.

Broad is a small town in China that sells a form of air-conditioning that uses less energy than conventional means. It had the good sense(virtuous sense) of investing in an approach that many companies with a business as usual ethic looked at and ignored. 15 years ago, the people at Broad(read Mr Zhang, a Chinese business tycoon) concentrated on “non-electric refrigeration”. The air conditioners in India are mostly compression coolers, though now many Indian firms are importing Mr. Zhang’s Lithium Bromide Absorption Air conditioners! The compression coolers use electric power to compress a refrigerant such as Freon, and when the refrigerant expands, it cools the surrounding air.

Emperor Ashoka explains vapour absorption cooling......

Non-electric coolers use solar energy to evaporate a concentrated solution of Ammonia which condenses into liquid Ammonia in coils in a chamber in which ambient temperature water is constantly circulating. The liquid ammonia so formed passes through a regulating valve and in a Joule-Thompson Effect enters a low pressure chamber, evaporates and carries away the heat from circulating brine solution which is thereby cooled and conditions the air wherever the brine passes. See

Indeed when Ghenghis Khan(GK) visited Ashoka he exclaimed how odd it is to use heat to cool!

Ashoka replied practically by applying Eu-de Cologne to GK’s temple. GK was cooled! He saw the effects of latent heat of vapourisation immediately and the immense possibilities in China where today 50% of electricity demand is for ac! In India it is 60 to 80 percent.

This method of cooling eliminates the demand for costly peak loads because solar energy is ubiquitous in summer exactly when the demand for ac skyrockets.

Look at the audit: Electricity plant converts coal to electricity at 33 percent efficiency and conversion of this electricity to losses is 15% at least and conversion of electricity to compressor effect in ac is at most 50%: Net efficiency of the compressor technology: .33x.85x.5=14%. Thus 86% of the coal energy is set ablaze to waste and the CO2 produced raises the sea by melting glaciers, reduces the GDP to negative. And look at vapour absorption ac: Say solar energy: ubiquitous and hence efficiency of conversion is illuminated by other considerations: no ill-health effects of coal:

Ghenghis Khan: Ashoka, this is unbelievable! Still can you tell me how people are thus equitably benefited?

Ashoka gesticulated and said: Coal-fired power stations signify a slave state. Do not focus only on economic development as India under Manmohan is doing in 2007. You must not only love halfhumans (male chauvinism) but the whole living species and the sheer beauty of environment rich living. Sat, chit, ananda: the turya of consciousness superior. Environment actually does a better work, far better than modern civilisation’s two percent efficiency of end use: conversion of resources to final goods and services. Nature’s efficiency is infinity because its wasteless. Compare therefore the health audit of Chamalapura and Mysore with the Chamalapura 1000 Mwe coal-fired station belching flyash and smoke, wasting the fertile land on which it stands, the sunlight falling on it, the rain falling on it, the wind blowing over it and defiling the ground-water underneath it(Ref 4 and Ref 5):


One ton of dirty coal might bring Rs 750 in profit. Weigh this against what a ton of coal costs in ill-health: Rs. 1250 in medical care for the inhabitants of the bleak(remember Neiveli lignite Town) cancer-ridden mining towns- where the sky, my Chinese friend informs, is never blue. Now just get the numbers for Chamalapura Coal Fired Enslavement: 1.5 men per MW for mining(Ref 2): 1000 MW: 1500 men, 7500 total family members. Coal used per year 2.555 Million Tons.

In line with the requirement of the Precautionary Principle applied into the far future, we must integrate the effects including those of the flyash products but also of the heavy metals on the entire living community not only in the regions of the mining communities but also what happens to the entire eco-resources some 100 km radius around the Chamalapura location of the power plant.We must also factor in all the effects of the global warming including massive displacement. This must also extend to several generations some 16000 years or more into the future because of the long lived internal radioactive contaminants(ex. Raduim 226). Assuming some 7500 person units like in the mining communities each with a group health care cost of Rs 1250/y,

Total medicare costs/y=

2.555*7500*1250*10^6=Rs 23.9531 trillion(million million)/year.

Total profits/year=2.555*750*10^6= Rs 1916250000/year.

Thus the medicare/health care of the entire living system costs 12500 times the profits every year! This is the inequality of the benefits, that the slave trade represents!

Is this not terrorism and sabotage of the worst kind? See the press release flyer enclosed below.

Considering that 86% of the coal burnt is wasted without being ever used, 86% 0f 7500 people in the miner communities or 6450 persons suffer sacrifices unnecessarily, ostensibly for the ‘good’ of the whole comminity of Chamalapura and Mysore and the rest. The wasted medicare is .86*Rs 23.9531 trillion/year or Rs 20.6 trillion/year conferring only evil on the society(Data on health costs and profits: Ref 1).

But even without all this just the medicare costs of the mining community is 1.67 times the Chamalapura profits.

Bring down this slave trade without delay! Fight for the rights of individuals and the sacred inviolability of the body. This is our birthright(Ref 3).

Ye moodharaya barnadhikarigalae! Jeevitham neemgalodu audharyamalla; nambalum palaya manushyarum alla; avasanathuliraktham vaere, naamgal purudum.


You foolish rulers!

Life does not come out of your generosity!

We are not old types. We will fight till the last drop of our blood.

Till virtue is the order of the day!

For each one of us.

See the flyer below.


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